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(Please note that all secondhand gear is sold “as is” and therefore we do not offer returns. Please make sure you ask all of your questions before ordering and we will be happy to assist you.)

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Fender Redondo Acoustic - w/ Case - Used
Category:   Acoustic Guitars
$ 599 
PRS SE Zach Myers Semi Hollow Model - USED
Category:   Electric Guitars
$ 1599 
Vintage Yamaha SG2000 w/case - USED
Category:   Electric Guitars
$ 2299 
Gibson ES339 Hollowbody with Case - USED
Category:   Electric Guitars
$ 4299 
Fulltone Fat Boost 3 - Discontinued model - USED
Category:   Effects Pedals
$ 175 
Wampler Catalyst - Distortion / Fuzz
Category:   Effects Pedals
$ 220 
Wampler Clarksdale Overdrive
Category:   Effects Pedals
$ 330 
Hardroad E Type - Made in Australia - USED
Category:   Electric Guitars
$ 2899 
Palir Imperial - Made in USA - USED - w/case
Category:   Electric Guitars
$ 2899 
Searls SS7RT 7 String - Handmade in Australia - USED
Category:   Electric Guitars
$ 2899 
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