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Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker 2x12 Valve Amplifier Combo Black / Custom Wheat with Footswitch - RARE
$ 2499

MESA BOOGIE HEARTBREAKER 2x12 COMBO RARE (Discontinued model now) Made in USA Secondhand / Excellent Condition Complete with Footswitch Black and Custom Wheat front cloth Very Good Condition (Some discolour on the front control panel FEATURES
  • Handcrafted in Petaluma, California
  • 100 Watts, Class A/B Power / 4x6L6, 7x12AX7, 1x5AR4
  • Bias Select Switch (6L6/6V6 or EL-34)
  • Half Power Switch (100/60 Watt Power Switch)
  • 2 Channels (1=Love 2=Lust), 4 Modes (Channel 1 =Mk I Clean, Mk I Medium Gain, Mk I High Gain, Channel 2 =Tweed Clean & British Gain)
  • Independent Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Reverb and Master Controls per Channel
  • Fat/Trim Switches (Channel 1&2, High Gain Modes)
  • Bright/Warm Switch (Channel 2, High or Low Gain Modes)
  • Spring Reverb
  • Output Level Control (over all channels)
  • Bold/Curvacious Switch (Power Voicings=Modern/ Normal)
  • Rectifier Select Switch (Tube/ Silicon Diodes)
  • Full Power/Tweed "Variac" Switch
  • FX Loop
  • Slave Out w/Level Control
  • 1 Button Footswitch (Channel Select)
  • Slip Cover
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