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Kinman Hendrix Noiseless Strat Pickup Set
$ 365

Kinman Hendrix Noiseless Strat Pickup set

Available in White, Black, Aged White and Mint

You want to sound like Jimi playing Little Wing, but with Zero-Hum, longer sustain and minimized fret buzz, here's how.  In his best performances Jimi had the most dynamic and explosive sounds, the notes rolled off his fret-board like magical fluid and sustained forever.  You are gonna get compliments on your sound too after you install a set of Woodstocks.   Aged Strat sound with the most thump and punch, exceptional Violin-like sustain under gain, explosive attack and exceptional clarity, definition and projection.  They break into easily crunch under heavy pick attack.  Heaps of Alnico tone character.  Overdosed with projection and grit and powerful top end chime gets you noticed.  Great for Heavy Rock and extreme distortion.  High output with the welcome advantage of Zero-Hum.  Moderately versatile.

Named for the Woodstock era (not just for Jimi), the Woodstock sets are very powerful and dynamic pickups that pack such a wallop that they may require a little experimentation in height adjustment to tame the performance to what you are accustomed to with regular single coils. They overload the front end of an amp more easily.  Turning the volume control down a tad [with the Kinman bypass filter fitted] sweetens the sound up nicely.

Perhaps best summed up with these comments by the British guitar magazine Total Guitar; "After installing Kinman Woodstock's our stock single coils suddenly seemed shockingly thin and weedy"

Low magnetic string pull from our proprietary Alnico-K** magnets for longer sustain and less string crash and fret buzz.

Single pickups in this set are> AVn-69b / AVn-69 / AVn-69

Quite versatile.

The Kinman Woodstock Regular set is a noiseless aka Zero-Hum set of Strat pickups.

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