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Carl Martin Compressor / Limiter - DENMARK
$ 499


Handmade in Denmark

Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter has been specially developed to incorporate the same features and sonic clarity found in high quality professional studio compressors. To achieve this we incorporated a variable threshold, -variable compression ratio, -variable attack and release controls and of course, a gain level.              General Guidelines on the use of the Compressor/Limiter:              Threshold: Working anti clockwise, determines how much of the signal will be compressed. This is also dependent on how much signal is fed from the instrument.        Comp: Working clockwise, determines how much compression is applied to the signal allowed by the threshold setting.              Resp: Working clockwise, determines the attack/release times, going from slow to fast. In general, if you want to hear the compressor working with a crisp attack you should use slow times. If you require just a silent limiting you should use fast times.              Gain: Working clockwise, sets the overall gain.              Busy: Indicates the amount of compression being applied, even in bypass mode. The brighter it gets, the more compression is being applied.