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McCaffrey Audio Reactor Boost Compressor SOLD OUT

McCaffrey Audio Reactor

Boost Compressor


Neutrik Jacks Power: Negative center 2.1mm standard 9V power supply.

Single dual op-amp effect with J-Fets and a single diode towards the end of the circuit.

Level: Increases/decreases output volume of pedal. Increase the level and notice how the pedal starts to push the front end of your amp and other pedals.

Fusion: Affects the amount of compression and drive when the level is increased.

Critical Mass Switch: Three-way switch that adds bass response to the effect. Middle is the stock or “jangle” position. Adds a bit O’ snap to pick’n. Left adds just a bit more bass response. Right adds the most bass response.

Mad Dog’s Favorite Setting: Put this in front of your slightly driven amp and enjoy with a fine cigar!

Level to 5:00 or the max setting.

Fusion to 10:00

Critical Mass switch to the left position.

$15 Delivery Australia Wide