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MSG Twin Unicorn Dual Channel Distortion
$ 340

MSG Twin Unicorn

Dual Distortion


Whatever the Situation It Was Born For It

MSG 2014 Major Launch

Twin Unicorn Dual-Channel Distortion Pedal

In the spirit of affordable and high-level electronics, skipping any cliques, we would like to introduce a product that has a design that has never been seen before. It is designed with the idea of genuinely and completely playing the role and providing the tone of a full tube amplifier, and the facts confirm that we have accomplished our goal.

It possesses a 5-level setting that sounds exactly like that of a massive HIGH-GAIN amplifier, and each level does not go through signal processing, allowing you to attain the most direct and precise tone. A greater signal-to-noise ration makes this crazy little box sound exceptionally quiet, possessing wide dynamics like that of a pure tube amplifier. Explosive bass, passionate mids, and gorgeous highs, all add up to an exceptionally full tone. Whether it's using the sharp and crisp CRUNCH setting, the swift and fierce HI-GAIN setting, or the sustained and beautiful SOLO setting, the degree of purity of the tone can barely be described with words. The extremely rich delay sounds like that of an over 120W amp head at full output. As soon as you hear this tone, you will immediately feel inspired, being able to hear the slight detailed changes in the musician's hand movements. Going back to the start of the design, if you want to put all of the tone of an amplifier head into a small box, then the Twin Unicorn is definitely the choice that will leave you most satisfied.

The most user-friendly interface, simple and easy to use, and obvious at a glance. This pedal uses the exact same interface setup as that of an amplifier head. Aside from the 4 standard equalizers, the pedal is also equipped with an on/off MID Q switch. This amazing switch allows switching between 3 different MID frequency settings, allowing the user to possess even more tone choices. Aside from this, the TONE SELECT switch allows you to set up two completely different style channels ahead of time. This pedal also possesses a tone switching mode like that of an amplifier head's stomp pedal, with completely independent volume and distortion settings for each channel, allowing the user to easily switch between rhythm and lead tones. The user can also use the REMOTE port to connect a separate stomp pedal to use for switching easily between tones.

The Twin Unicorn has come to topple the competition.

$15 Delivery Australia Wide