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Mad Professor Bluebird Overdrive and Delay SOLD


Bluebird Overdrive / Delay

The Bluebird Overdrive Delay combines of two of the most popular effects in one pedal.

The overdrive section is extremely touch sensitive. Like the best boutique amps, the Bluebird lets you determine the amount of breakup by how hard you strike the strings with your pick, and/or by adjusting the volume knob on your guitar. The Bluebird can add this level of expressiveness to any clean or slightly overdriven amplifier.

IMPORTANT: For best results you should not use a buffered pedal between your instrument and the Bluebird.


VOLUME: sets the overall output level of the pedal. DISTORTION: When using medium to low output pickups, and with the distortion set at its lowest level, the Bluebird can be used as a clean equalizer and delay.

At higher drive levels, the pedal will produce medium distortion with lower output pickups, and heavier sounds with higher output pickups. Hint: lower distortion levels allow greater dynamic response.

TREBLE: This is a boost/cut “shelving” type equalizer that controls the amount of high end, operating somewhere between a bright switch and the treble control on most amplifiers.