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Analogman Sun Face NKT-275 Fuzz - 2004 - SOLD

AnalogMan Sun Face NKT-275 Fuzz

22-4-2004 Model

The Dallas Arbiter Fuzzface was one of the first fuzz pedals. In the mid/late 1960s. They are very popular due to Jimi Hendrix and other great players of the 60s and 70s. Analogman have been modifying recent fuzzfaces to the early specs for a long time and started selling their own SUN FACE to keep the cost down and quality up for seekers of the early fuzzface sound.

Runs on a 9volt battery (No 9volt adaptor can be used)

Velcro on bottom

Very good condition

NKT-275 White Dot Transistors

Side Jacks

Volume, Fuzz, Bias Controls

AnalogMan Box, Bag, Battery & Business Card Included