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MXR Carbon Copy Bright Analog Delay - BRAND NEW
$ 339
Category:Delay / Echo / Loopers

MXR Carbon Copy Bright

Analog Delay

The chipset of the Carbon Copy Bright remains unchanged—warm, bucket brigade analog goodness is still the name of the game. Tone seekers will be thrilled with the changes to the circuit, as the repeats are more “vocal-like” than the original. The Carbon Copy Bright certainly blurs the lines between vintage analog BBD chips and brighter vintage tape delays such as the Echoplex. A wonderful byproduct of a brighter delay is the perception of extended repeats further than the original before feeding back. The Carbon Copy Bright’s defined repeats are a great companion to the original’s darker wash, and we made them play nicely together.

The modulation section of the Carbon Copy Bright has also seen a favorable boost in character. Because the delay line is brighter, notes are much better articulated and so is the accompanying modulation. Chords strummed through a modulated Carbon Copy Bright are a thing of beauty, and hang around longer before disintegrating into the ether.

When removing the back plate, two controls await: Width and Depth. These controls are accentuated by the brightness even more, especially at more generous settings. The range of both knobs is enhanced by the tonal adjustments, as the nuances of the ebb and flow now leap out, and the most extreme settings of each are no longer buried in the mix.

With 600 milliseconds of delay time, an enhanced frequency range, vibrant delay path and true bypass switching, the Carbon Copy Bright appeals to those searching for an all-analog delay with a full-bodied present tonal palette. The future is bright.

MXR Carbon Copy Bright Features:

  • Brighter delay circuit with more vocal-like repeats and note articulation
  • Interacts extremely well with original Carbon Copy
  • Modulation has a more dramatic effect
  • Hand-made in the USA

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