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Red Witch Medusa Chorus / Tremolo
$ 330
Market Price: $ 399


Designed in New Zealand

In 2004 the builders at Red Witch put together just 74 units of the original Medusa Chorus Trem. The Pedal was a hit, so Red Witch decided to do another build. This time they have put the Medusa into a smaller package, just like the other current Red Witch pedals, and they have installed a potentiometer to adjust the Voice for a huge range of chorus options. Red Witch Medusa Chorus Trem   In addition to the original specs the new Medusa Chorus Trem features tremolo and the new chorustrem effects which make this pedal super versatile and able to fit into many situations. In the Chorustrem setting you get both Chorus and Tremolo effect happening simultaneous and in sync with each other, this provides a great textured sound that is great for creating depth and space. CONTROLS:
  • Guise - This three position rotary switch allows you to choose Chorus mode (fully counter-clockwise), Tremolo mode (middle position) or ChorusTrem mode (fully clockwise).
  • Velocity - This controls the speed of the Chorus pulse and Tremolo rise and fall, both effects are synced to the one control.
  •   Iridescence - This lets you determine the flavor of the chorus; fully counter-clockwise for sweet and pristine, a very subtle, shimmery sound right through to fully clockwise for marshland, super low-fi, swamp Chorus.
  •   Bathos - The depth control on the Chorus; fully c/clockwise is the deepest, back it off for a more subtle sound.
  •   Blend – This control adjusts the mix between clean signal and Chorus signal.
  •   Magnitude - When in Tremolo mode this knob adjusts the depth of the Tremolo. The sweet spot is approximately half way, further counter-clockwise and the Trem gets squashed, further clockwise and the Trem disappears.
  •   Footswitch - This is true bypass, which means when the pedal is not engaged there is no signal degradation or tone sucking, the pedal just becomes part of your guitar cable.
  •   LED - A ruby red super bright LED, which pulses in time with the speed