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Myth FX Midas Boost
$ 169
Market Price: $ 199



The Midas boost pedal is designed to preserve the harmonic richness of your guitar's tone while providing up to 32dB of CLEAN, transparent, full frequency boost, all in a compact enclosure that saves precious pedalboard space. An internal voltage boost circuit provides a massive amount of headroom while operating the pedal on a standard 9V AC adapter. The Midas features a high impedance input that preserves your picking dynamics, and will not color your tone. It also allows the Midas to serve as a direct box for feeding your guitar signal into a computer audio interface, for direct recording with amplifier and cabinet simulators.

The Midas is the cleanest, most transparent boost pedal around, and will allow your guitar to cut through any mix, boost long effects chains, compensate for different guitar pickups, and push your tube amp to the edge of distortion and beyond. It will bring out the absolute best of your tone