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MI Effects Pollyanna Octave Pedal
$ 188
Market Price: $ 210



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The MI Audio Pollyanna is an homage to both vintage octave-up effects as well as square-wave, synth-like octave down effects.  All analog and all funk, the Pollyanna brings some unique and wonderful effects to the electric guitar.  Beginning with an octave-up effect, the MI Audio Pollyanna provides that vintage tone with a full-wave rectifier that “doubles” the signal and, unlike the vintage octave effects, the Pollyanna is designed to do this without the drop in volume so common to the vintage effects.  While the octave-up is designed to be more present than most vintage effects, it still works best on the neck pickup above the 12th fret.  The Sensitivity control allows the octave-up to go from clean to fuzzy for a myriad of different tones.  The MI Audio Pollyanna also features two octave-down effects, 1 and two octaves down, for a synth-like feel and tone.  By contrast, the Sensitivity control functions more as a sustain adjustment on these two effects.  The higher the Sensitivity setting, the longer the low octave effects remain present in the signal.  The MI Audio Pollyanna has individual level controls for each octave that allows the perfect blend to be set by the user as well as a Tone control that allows for tailoring the sound of the octaves, it does not affect the dry signal.  Speaking of dry signal, the Dry control allows a high quality, buffered version of the clean signal to be blended in with the octaves.  The MI Audio Pollyanna is a unique effect pedal in the world of analog octaves giving the user total control over the final sound with a palette of available sounds to work with.

MI Audio Pollyanna Features:

  • True Bypass
  • Vintage Octave-Up Effect
  • 1 and 2 Octave Down      Effects
  • Individual Level Controls      for Each Octave
  • Tone Control for Octaves
  • High Quality Buffered      Clean Blend
  • 9-15VDC or Battery      Operation