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STOMP BOX KSB50 Stu Box - Fitted with Piezo Pickup - Made in Australia
$ 95
Category:Drums, Stomp Boxes and Percussion


Stu Box KSB50

Just Plug in to your amp or speakers and get your stomp on!

Made in Australia

Fitted with a piezo pickup. Round case from Australian timbers. Heavy duty input jack and foam backed to stop slipping. 120mm diameter. Satin finish.

Stomp Box is the perfect tool to add colour to your performances. Drummers, Solo Artists, DJs, Bands, Beat Box & Hip Hop Artists, Blues Players, Percussionists, Studios and Keyboard players can all add amazing textures to their sound with the heavy duty Australian made STOMP BOX. It can even be used as a hands free sample trigger. Use 2 STOMP BOXES together to create complex rhythm effects. Tap the centre disk in a variety of places, or the outer wooden casing to find great industrial sounds. Bash it to add a real thump to your bottom end beats. Scratch or slide across the top for great percussive effects. Designed primarily to be used with your foot, the toe, heel and arch of your foot will all produce new sounds, but more sounds can be accessed using your hand, fingers, or even a drumstick to bash out beats on your Stomp Box. “Im the new member of your band. BASH ME UP! Stomp Box

Instructions: For best results, stomp or tap the plate with your heel, forefoot or fingers. Variations in the sound can be achieved by stomping in different areas of the plate or wooden surface.