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Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb



Mad Professor’s Silver Spring Reverb is the best of both  worlds, capturing the clarity of studio reverbs while still providing the classic,  warm sound of a tube spring reverb. Though reverb is often thought of as an  effect used almost exclusively with clean tones, the Mad Professor himself  designed the Silver Spring Reverb to work equally well with distorted tones and  dirty amps, so get ready to experiment! The Silver Spring Reverb Time control  will take you from a small room reverb all the way to the large hall sound of a  plate reverb. Turning the tone knob clockwise will get you a clean, studio  reverb; turning it counterclockwise yields a darker spring reverb. With the  Silver Spring, you can rule the reverb world!

Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb Features:

    • True Bypass (input of circuit grounded in bypass)
    • All analog direct signal path
    • Controls for Time, Tone, Mix
    • Standard 9V operation
    • DC 2.1mm center negative
    • 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty