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Red Witch Pentavocal Tremolo
$ 255
Market Price: $ 299
Category:Tremolo / Vibrato / Rotary / UniVibe


Designed in New Zealand

A New Approach to Tremolo. Yes indeed, the Red Witch Pentavocal tremolo offers several features that are completely unique and unavailable elsewhere. Since the fifties the concept of tremolo has changed very little. Controls for Speed, Depth, Volume and Waveshape have been the parameters available for adjustment. Till now. The Pentavocal tremolo is simply that - a tremolo with five different voices to choose from. You can select the frequency response by turning the rotary selector to the desired setting. From a delicate, shimmery, flutter trem to a pulsy low end throb they're all there. The Pentavocal trem can certainly also do the classic sound of a vintage valve trem and then soooooo much more. This pedal also has another unique feature - the Bottom control. Find out about this by reading... CONTROLS:
  • Velocity - This dial allows you to select the speed of the tremolo. From Super Slow to Super Fast.
  • Depth - Allows you to control the depth of the effected sound (how ironic)
  • Volume - Select from zero output to well above unity gain - this enables you to never be faced with the heinous volume drop that many trem pedals have when they're providing really deep tremming.
  • Bottom - Yes – we’ve labeled one of the controls bottom – not out of homage to a British comedy series or to the shapely derrière of the fairer sex, but as a totally new option for tremolo users. The Bottom control allows the user to dial in the amount of mid range and hi frequency cut that occurs as the volume decreases in the trem cycle. Simply put; Turn the bottom control all the way to the left and the volume just increases and decreases as per a normal trem, but set it all the way to the right and you’ll find that as the volume decreases all of the hi end and midrange disappears. You can of course dial in as little or as much of this effect as you like. Turning the Bottom control fully clockwise whilst having the depth fully clockwise also allows you to access an asymmetrical wave which sounds incredibly pretty at high velocity. Lucky old you.
  • Voicing - A five way rotary switch that lets you choose from 5 differently voiced tremolo settings.
  • Tremulate Footswitch - Bring the effect into the the signal path by clicking this one. Truebypass switching.
  • Wave Footswitch - Allows you to jump from a lovely smooth tremolo over to a hard square chop by simply depressing your foot