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Wilson Uber Haze Univibe - Chorus / Vibrato
$ 299
Category:Tremolo / Vibrato / Rotary / UniVibe



Handmade in USA

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Take a Haze pedal and trick it out with dual expression inputs and dual rubber control knobs that control rate and depth. add a tone control that adjusts the tone of the pedal from a more modern sound to a vintage sound and then some. Keep an external volume control and best of all add a two position uber foot switch that allows you to switch from the classic uni-vibe sound to a swirly in your face phaser and you've got the Uber Haze. Not only do you get these two stellar effects, when you switch to the vibe effect via the vibe/chorus foot switch you have two additional effects at your fingertips and all of this is capable on the fly via the three foot switches. This is a truly unique uni-vibe pedal and there is none other like it on the market. The best thing is it is priced well below most of the uni-vibe circuits available today. When I first developed this pedal I did it with the thought that Josh Klinghoffer would get a real kick out of it as he was already using a Haze. You can check out some live videos below of Josh messing around with the prototype Uber Haze which is now a key pedal in his arsenal of effects. All of our pedals are built with a true bypass circuit therefore not sucking the life out of your signal when in bypass mode. The Uber Haze operates on an industry standard 2.1mm center negative power supply or a high quality alkaline battery. All pedals are covered by a one year warranty on parts and labor and is hand built in the U.S.